Old Grey Europe

Royal Parks Half Marathon

To help fundraising for the Old Grey Charitable Trust, we have four Old Grey Europe volunteers running in The Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon on Sunday October 9. It takes place across a wonderfully scenic part of central London and is an amazing event attracting more than 16,000 runners. Please see the link below for more information on this prestigious event.


Last year we were superbly represented by Adam Wilson and Matt Godwin and this year we have decided to double the number of entrants to four. This year Michael Daniels, Jacques Fisher, Michael Cambell and Mark Gibbons are taking on the challenge.

The objectives are simple and twofold: The first is for the volunteers to really enjoy the festivities of the day, knowing that they are making a huge contribution towards sending highly talented boys to Grey, who would for financial reasons, be unable to attend the School. The second is for the volunteers to actively seek sponsorship from friends, colleagues and their companies. As a target we would like each runner to raise around £600. In our experience, this sort of target becomes much easier to achieve when participants are part of a company which encourages employees to take part in charitable activities. If this target were to be achieved, the combined sum across the four participants would allow us to pay academic fees for one young man for one year! This would be a huge achievement and make a significant contribution to that young man’s life.

If you would like to participate, obtain more details about the event, the Bursary Fund or The Old Grey Europe Charitable Trust, please contact Patrick Fleming vie email here.