Old Grey Europe

Charitable Trust

In 2006 The Old Grey Europe Charitable Trust was formed and registered as a UK charity with the specific objective of providing financial assistance to the Grey High School.

The Trust is now well established and over the fourteen years of its existence it has helped more than twenty young men benefit from a Grey education. Some are currently at university and some have already graduated and are doing well in their careers – all are very grateful for the opportunity they were given. We want to thank you, Old Greys living in the UK and Europe, who have donated so generously and made this possible.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact across the world, and unfortunately, because of the lockdown in the UK, our fundraising activities have been restricted and we are not sure when, or even if, some of the planned events will be held. However, because of a very gratifying increase in the number of monthly standing orders we are not forecasting any significant drop in our receipts in the current year.

At present the assistance takes the form of a two-part bursary programme.

Part 1: Boys in Grades 11 and 12

On the recommendation of the Rector, these two bursaries are awarded annually to deserving boys in Grades 11 and 12 and cover full tuition fees. The recipients need to be existing Grey High School pupils who have made an active contribution to the life of the School over the previous three years and who, for financial reasons, would not otherwise be able to complete their education at the Grey.

Part 2: New Entrant, from Grade 8

This part of the Charitable Trust, which commenced in 2011, enables deserving boys to start their education at the Grey from Grade 8 and continue through to Grade 12. The recipients must come from low income families and must have demonstrated high academic achievement, leadership skills and high confidence levels during their primary school education. The Trust’s objective is to provide five bursaries per annum with one recipient in each Grade. Each bursary provides full tuition fees and a contribution to support costs (eg. uniforms, books, sports equipment etc.); hostel fees will also be paid if required.

How can you assist?

Currently a very small number of the Old Grey contacts on our UK/Europe/Middle East database have made or make regular donations to fund the bursary programme. Additional contributions are urgently required to meet the Trust’s objective and to ensure that the programme is sustainable.

If you  are able and wish to make a contribution to the Charitable Trust, please click the Paypal Donate button below:



If you’d like to discuss alternative ways to contribute or if you would like details on the current or past recipients of the bursary programme, please contact Patrick Fleming by sending him an email.

To review the annual report for the current and past few years, click the relevant links below: